Meet The Crew

Dale Jensen, co-host of Reality Remix, is a software engineer by trade and historical geographer by academic training. His areas of interest include the historical development of Christianity, geography, climatology and cosmology, though, as his hero Alexander von Humboldt before him, he is something of a universalist -- knowing something about almost everything, and almost everything about nothing. A widower, he lives with a small white dog in a small town in central Minnesota.
Dave Willard brings a strong voice and an even stronger opinion to Reality Remix. While he attempts to find humor in the topics discussed, he is not afraid to attack issues head-on and does not shy away from a controversial debate....often willing to discuss issues or ask questions that others may be reluctant to address.

Dave is a "jack-of-all-trades" that does not have a specific area of expertise, but has interests in social issues, politics, government conspiracies and enjoys studying the Nazis and the art of propaganda. While he makes a living as a Chef, Dave is also a musician...having a special place in his heart for music and takes personal joy in producing shows for the audience. But his true calling in life is being a husband and father.
Beezzer Freemley, AKA Captain Hero, AKA Nick Dangerous, AKA Fluffy The Disabled Mime, is a private person. Beezzer did go to college. There he learned things that have scarred him for life. And that was just his freshman year. He now hums a lot and soils himself if you ever mention the words, "Spring Break" to him.

He enjoyed a long career with the US government in the military where he avoided paper cuts and stapler accidents. He now resides just south of Canada where he tries to occasionally sneak across the border dressed as a Mounty. Beezzer spends too much time on crazy websites but still enjoys the debate and drama and conspiracy. If you see him in person, run fast and call 9-1-1. He's off his meds again.